Let's have worldwide network of users
with the Syncing Feed app of CalFeed

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You can create your own calendar.

Sync the Feed of various genres: your favorite team's fixtures, the media info of your favorite artists, the TV programs you don't want to miss, the discount schedule of your favorite brands, interesting IPOs schedule, and weekly weather reports. You can create and customize your own calendar.

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    Sync the interesting Feed to your own calendar

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    Tap the button to start syncing for sports, entertainment, and economic news

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    Get your calendar updated automatically with the Feed you synced

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    Search the Feed and events to find the new discovery

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    See the worldwide schedules in your time-zone

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    Interact with the other fans by comments for each events

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    Get the push-notification for the upcoming event schedules you liked

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    Provide the Feed for the worldwide users that CalFeed misses